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London, UK is a fascinating 21st century city with a rich history spanning back to Roman days. In its center stand the towering, imposing Houses of Parliament, edgy monuments including the iconic Big Ben, and historic London Abbey, site of Shakespeare’s death. Just across the Thames River from London is London’s popular Millennium Bridge, which serves as a symbol of unity and London’s top tourist attraction. Beyond the Thames are some other interesting sites including London’s Disneyland, the London Dungeon, and a theater district known as West End. All this and more are found in London, England.

London hotels provide accommodations to a wide variety of travelers, with budget options available to those wishing to stay at base level and luxury accommodation for those wanting to splurge. Most London hotels are centrally located within easy access of central London, but there are still several near the heart of the city accessible by Underground train. A variety of London hotels are located within the various districts of the city: Central London comprises a large number of hotels that are within the Central London Area, such as Clapham Common, St Pancras station, Chatsworth House and Victoria, so if you wish to explore the area, it would be advisable to check in at one of these popular London hotels. If you’re planning to visit the area during a peak period, staying in a Central London hotel would be an excellent idea.

The West End is one of the many areas in London that offers historic attractions to visitors. One of the most famous is the West End Theatre, which attracts a great number of visitors. This area of London also includes the area of West Cowes, which are home to the world famous Theatre Royal, and the beautiful Theatre Royal Piccadilly Circus. The area is full of shopping centers and many different public transportation services are available to tourists here. A good number of tourists visit the West End on a daily basis and include such celebrities as Will Smith and Ben Kingsley.

Kensington is another popular tourist destination in London. It’s located right next to the fashionable Kensington High Street and is home to a great number of fine restaurants, boutiques and other businesses. Many of these businesses are privately owned, so they provide the best quality and variety at affordable prices. The majority of the hotels in Kensington are located on the ground floor, with many located at the top of the stairs. This allows for a more personal experience, as one can enter the building and immediately be greeted by the front desk.

Stratford-upon-Avon is another popular town in London. Many visitors come to take in the beautiful scenery that the town is enriched with. The town includes an area of wooded valleys, hills, ponds and rivers. There are also plenty of theatres and museums to visit, as well as a large variety of shops. Most of the hotels in Stratford-upon-Avon are mid-range, with many situated in and around the town center.

Hyde Park is the oldest area of central London. It was originally designed for the exclusive use of royal families. Today it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city, especially for those who enjoy roaming the grounds and taking in all of the different shops and restaurants. The majority of the hotels in Hyde Park are either expensive or mid-range. The area does not change much during the day but does get very busy at night, when people from the surrounding areas come to visit.

Clapham is the third largest town in London. Many tourists come to stay in the trendy south-east London hotels in Clapham, which are mainly located within the town area. Clapham itself has many attractions including world-class golf courses, museums, art galleries and botanical gardens. Many of the hotels in Clapham are mid-range or budget. The town does not change much during the day but does experience a lot of activity during its leisure hours.

There are many other large towns in London, which are visited by tourists every year. Some of these places include Dockyards Old Port, King’s Lynn and West Wickham. The tourists who visit these locations will usually find that they have great restaurants and bars. Some of these places have quite expensive hotel rooms, however, due to their popularity. In general, these destinations provide excellent value for money for all of the visitors to London who visit.


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